Newark’s industrial legacy has left many vacant or underutilized properties whose redevelopment is impeded by environmental contamination. Newark’s CEDC’s comprehensive brownfield management is facilitating the redevelopment of contaminated sites throughout the city.  The goal of this redevelopment is to create new jobs and return properties to the tax rolls.  NCEDC’s provides technical assistance to current and prospective owners of contaminated sites, identifies potential funding sources to facilitate redevelopment, and oversees assessment and remediation projects on behalf of the City.  NCEDC is also responsible for utilizing funding sources on behalf of the City on roughly twenty sites.  These funding sources include $4,000,000 of EPA funding and over $750,000 in NJDEP funding.  


2104-2118 McCarter Highway

Newark CEDC has overseen the implementation of USEPA Assessment funding to identify the extent of contamination on this industrial site in the City’s North Ward.  NCEDC also led the push to secure additional assessment funding via the NJDEP HDSRF program, and is implementing a strategy for site demolition.  NCEDC has marketed the site to potential redevelopers, and is working with a potential redeveloper to convert the site to a productive use.


61-77 Empire Street

Newark CEDC’s has played an active role in facilitating the redevelopment of 61-77 Empire Street into an active and productive site.  This a long-vacant city-owned site that has great promise for redevelopment into a manufacturing or distribution use.  In order to accomplish this goal, Newark CEDC has been overseeing the administration of a USEPA Cleanup Grant, as well as providing technical assistance to support the site’s redevelopment.