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Director of Cooperative Initiatives



Department of Economic and Housing Development:

The City of Newark Department of Economic and Housing Development (EHD) is the visionary department in transforming the local and regional economy into one that rebuilds and revitalizes Newark into a city of dynamic neighborhoods where all residents can enjoy a sustainable quality of life. EHD’s mission is to connect residents to quality housing, commerce, and career opportunities that promote economic prosperity and thriving communities.

Newark Community Economic Development Corporation:

Newark Community Economic Development Corporation is the primary economic development catalyst for the State of New Jersey’s largest city, Newark. Organized to retain, attract and grow businesses, enhance small and minority business capacity, and spur real estate development throughout the City’s 20 diverse neighborhoods. As a business development company whose sole client is the City of Newark, Newark CEDC collaborates with the Newark Department of Economic & Housing Development to initiate and execute economic development activities to produce and sustain economic growth, generate jobs and create wealth for the citizens of Newark.

(EHD  and Newark CEDC have partnered to launch a Worker-Owned Cooperative initiative in the City of Newark as a pathway to support community wealth building. A definition of worker cooperative may also be shaped with an eye toward the seven International Cooperative Principles that have been embraced by the international cooperative movement: (1) voluntary and open membership, (2) democratic member control, (3) member economic participation, (4) autonomy and independence, (5) education, training, and information for members and the public; (6) cooperation among cooperatives; (7) concern for the community)

Reporting to and in partnership with the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, the Director of Worker will coordinate with the Department of Economic and Housing Development in the strategic direction and planning of the worker-owned cooperatives managed by the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation and increase the City of Newark and NewarkCEDC’s impact on the creation of these entities throughout the City.



  • Lead the development of policies, practices and systems for the implementation of a City-wide cooperative development initiative

  • Serve as liaison between City Hall and the existing and potential cooperative business owners.

  • Work with the leadership team to ensure that cooperative development is consistent with targeted industry clusters and will help address other procurement/purchasing leakage.

  • Support the leadership team in the continuous review of economic development projects catered around worker-owned cooperatives and make recommendations that build and support a structure with greatest success and impact.

  • Research and propose strategic and business development initiatives to position the City of Newark as an emerging leader in cooperative development



  • Prepare curriculum and design program to help facilitate a multi-part training program for potential cooperative members

  • Develop a comprehensive education and training program to onboard new cooperative members

  • Develop network of resources and service providers who could offer ongoing assistance to established cooperatives

  • Identify potential founding members for new cooperatives



  • Draft comprehensive municipal ordinance for cooperative development

  • Develop strategy to fund and incentivize cooperative creation

  • Promote coops as an economic development strategy

  • Draft language to amend city procurement guidelines to include preference of coops

  • Coordinate process of legal incorporation and governance of new cooperatives with

  • attorneys and members



  • Establish a cooperative trust fund and determine mechanism for replenishment

  • Oversee the development, management and distribution of a cooperative development fund



  • Develop, review and assist in implementing marketing strategy with coop members

  • Develop strategy to promote cooperative strategy regionally and nationally

  • Develop white papers, internal announcement correspondence, talking points, and other documents including but not limited to editorials or articles regarding worker-owned cooperatives

  • Develop outreach and recruitment strategy



  • MBA/MPA/MS/JD from an accredited college or university in economics, city planning, public administration, business management

  • 5-10 years of related work experience in the field of worker-owned cooperatives

  • Ability to work cross-functionally and cohesively in a fast-paced environment

  • Ability to work well with groups and teams with strong communication skills

  • Ability to work full-time; interdependently