The East Ward is a vibrant, densely populated, mixed-use neighborhood. The center of Newark’s manufacturing sector was historically located in the North Ironbound, particularly proximate to Route 1 & 9 to the east, and this industrial heritage is still apparent in some areas of the neighborhood. Home to a variety of ethnic communities over the past century, the East Ward has long attracted new immigrants looking to settle in the city, and continues to do so today. Portuguese and Spanish immigrants began to arrive in the Ironbound in the 1920s, adding to the mix of primarily Polish, Italian, Irish, and German residents. The Portuguese population continued to grow through the 1960 and 70s, soon followed by Portuguese-speaking Brazilians and, more recently, Central and South Americans as well as commuters to Manhattan.  72% are foreign born and the total population is around 55,000. 97% of its population is employed and the average household income is about $50,600.00 with the median home value estimated around $263,600.00. The East Ward contributes 60% of Newark’s residential tax revenue and 80% of the city’s commercial tax revenue. The estimated assessed value of the ward’s commercial and residential property is $1,100,000.