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The Newark Downtown District


About NDD

The Newark Downtown District, Newark's special improvement district of the central business area, is a privately funded 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, dedicated to revitalizing downtown Newark by improving the economic viability of the central business district.

The NDD also works hard to enhance the quality of life for those who live, labor, and leisure in Newark, by providing supplemental cleaning and safety services, as well as marketing and physical improvement programs. The NDD is funded through a special assessment on district commercial and residential properties, billed and collected by the City's tax collection department and turned over to the NDD for operation management. The NDD is overseen by a Board of Trustees consisting of business and property owners within the District, representatives of non-profit organizations, as well as municipal officials and staff.


Newark Downtown District
P: 973-622-2002

Mount Prospect Partnership


About MPP

The Mt. Prospect Partnership (MPP) is a community-based, non-for-profit organization promoting business and community to foster the best possible metropolitan neighborhood for its residents, businesses and property owners.  The Partnership serves as a catalyst for revitalization of the district in Newark’s North Ward, laying the groundwork to support the area's economic revival and enhancement of overall quality of life for residents, business owners and visitors.

MPP facilitates ongoing development by acting as a liaison among residents, business and government leaders. The Partnership provides the Mt. Prospect Avenue community with a variety of programs and services including advocacy for neighborhood enhancements, support for business and commercial property owners as well as long-term area improvements to the local streetscape.

The organization's sanitation and security services have played significant roles in maintaining and improving the neighborhood's cleanliness and safety.  The Partnership is committed to keeping all Mt. Prospect stakeholders advised of ongoing efforts to promote the district by communicating in a timely and effective manner through our website and newsletter and through meetings and discussions with our friends and neighbors on the Avenue.

Mount Prospect Partnership

Ironbound Business Improvement District


About IBID

The Ironbound Business Improvement District - Home to over 570 businesses and more than 170 restaurants, the Ironbound Business Improvement District (IBID) is Newark's shining star, promoting interest in the City as a great place to visit in addition to fostering economic growth and employment opportunities. Established in 2000, the IBID is led by a 25-member board and is funded through special assessments on commercial properties in the District. Since its inception, the Ironbound BID has upgraded and improved the District by focusing on quality of life issues such as sidewalk and street cleaning, parking changes and pedestrian signage and other administrative tasks. The organization has embarked on an ambitious streetscape redevelopment plan that will transform the Ferry Street corridor into a first-class shopping, entertainment and restaurant destination.

Ironbound Business Improvement District
P: 973-491-9191

Bergen-Lyons-Clinton Business Improvement District



The Bergen-Lyons-Clinton Special Improvement District (BLCSID) is a business and community development partnership. Established by municipal ordinance in 2013, and the BLCSID Partnership, Inc. became 501c3 non-profit corporation in 2015 to help the area compete, improve and sustain commercial viability in the South Ward.  Our area of focus is  "U' shape and addresses the three main corridors in the South Ward - Bergen Street from Lyons Avenue to Clinton Avenue and is bisected by I-78; Clinton Avenue from Bergen St to 18th Street; and Lyons Avenue from Bergen St. to the Irvington border.

The mission of the BLCSID is to enhance and sustain the South Ward as a first choice destination to invest, live, shop, work, play, worship, and access quality health care.

Bergen, Lyons, Clinton Business Improvement District
P: 973-851-3496

Greater Newark Downtown Visitors Bureau


About the GNCVB

 The Greater Newark Convention and Visitors Bureau (GNCVB) began as an incubator program under the leadership of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation

(NewarkCEDC) formerly known as Brick City Development Corporation (BCDC)in 2008. GNCVB is organized to promote the City of Newark’s many assets through tourism, increasing hotel occupancy, attracting meeting and conventions, and ultimately changing the national perception of the destination. Newark CEDC engaged well-regarded Newark area organizations to help steer the tourism efforts, forming an advisory council, which undertook the mission of identifying a self-sustaining funding source. Today, the GNCVB is on track to realizing that goal, having secured a sustainable funding source that will fuel tourism promotion.

Check out great hotel deals and things to do around town by visiting the Greater Newark Convention and Visitors Bureau website

Partnership West Business Improvement District


About The Partnership West BID

Founded in December 2016 by visionary local government leaders, community not-for-profit institutions, and businesses owners, Partnership West (PW) is a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit that improves the quality of life in the West Ward, a “small town” within a big city.

As a steward of the neighborhood, PW makes sure curbs and sidewalks are clean and safe, public spaces are lushly planted, and current and new businesses are marketed for their quality and uniqueness.  Partnership West also sponsors lively marketing events to put the West Ward in the spotlight where it belongs.

PW’s vision is to create a strong community connected to the world at the center of a growing and remarkable region; a hub of cultural diversity.  They are committed to transforming their community into a safe district where businesses and residents thrive through responsible stewardship to realize its potential.

Partnership West Business Improvement District
P. 973-900-3145