Newark Community Storefront Program (CSP)

To date, NCEDC has launched Newark’s nationally acclaimed Community Storefront Program in all five wards. The incubator aims to build a coalition of business owners, entrepreneurs and community stakeholders to sustain a vibrant community business corridor, thriving businesses and new jobs for Newark communities.

The Community Storefront Program (CSP) was launched in 2015 in furtherance of the Mayor’s mission to see economic development activity touch all five Wards.  The initiative was designed to enable Newark entrepreneurs, who have a retail business idea, to experience the full business lifecycle, concept to market.  This program opportunity gives participants the practical training and experience necessary to learn to market their self-produced products. Participants undergo a 16 week entrepreneurial development course covering an array of topics from financial literacy, bookkeeping, corporate infrastructure, insurance, leases, contracts, and more. Upon program completion, participants move into an actual a shared retail storefront (the business incubator) that is set up “flea market style” allowing each to sell their goods/services to the general public.. This innovative program provides Newark residents with the opportunity to combine classroom instruction with hands-on retailing, practical training and thus, gain the experience necessary to build and grow a retail business. 


Store Locations: 

South Ward Community Storefront | 790 Clinton Avenue, Newark, NJ 07108

West Ward Community Storefront | 989 South Orange Avenue, Newark, NJ 07106

North Ward Community Storefront | 216-218 Bloomfield Avenue, Newark, NJ 07104 

East Ward Community Storefront | 124 Polk Street, Newark, NJ 07105 

Central Ward Community Storefront | 744 Broad Street, Newark, NJ 07102


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Newark's Paper Cooperative

As a part of Mayor Ras J. Baraka's Strategic Plan on Economic and Housing Development - the Newark Office Supply: worker-owned cooperative is a fresh take on job creation, community wealth building, and sustainability that allows members to be owners in the business they work; (shared ownership) ultimately sharing the enterprise's profits and giving decision making ability to the workers through a democratic structure making each member equal owners with one vote regarding all logistics and forecasting of the entity. Moreover, these worker-owned cooperatives are strategic in re-engaging the most vulnerable communities in the City and matchmaking them with careers. 

This will be the first social enterprise the City launches and will create approximately 15 jobs for the Reentry population. Newark CEDC is working with Newark Works/Office of Reentry to identify and train candidates and offer them a path towards self-sufficiency. Moreover, Newark CEDC is collaborating with anchor institutions to increase sourcing and procurement to local minority businesses.