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Newark CEDC is pleased to announce that Thursday, March 29, 2018 we will be awarding two prizes for women entrepreneurs with businesses located in Newark, New Jersey. There will be a $2,500 and a $5,000 prize available for women who have or
want to start a business in Newark, New Jersey. Below are the requirements that we require to be eligible for a prize. The applications and information have been extended and are now due at 2 PM Friday March 16, 2018. Late applications are not accepted, under any circumstances. Our goal is to help businesses grow that will hire Newark residents or provide
additional goods and services to Newark residents and workers.


Email your application to: ademirali@newarkcedc.org or apply online here. Emailed submissions will receive a confirmation of receipt within 24 hours. 

You application will be reviewed by members of Newark CEDC staff. You will be notified as to the status of your application before the event. The five leading candidates will make their pitch during the POWER event March 29, 2018.

Good Luck!

1. To receive a prize, the candidate must have an ongoing business in Newark; or, if this is a startup business the entrepreneur is required to have over five years management experience in the business where she is trying to secure the money.
2. The business must be located in the city of Newark and the candidate must be at least 21 years old.
3. This opportunity is available to most industries, but it does not include speculative construction opportunities or illegal activities.
4. This opportunity is limited to women only.
5. The business can be run out of the home or out of a commercial space.
6. We require that the entrepreneurs be current in their city, state and federal tax obligations. We may require tax documents to verify that the applicant is current in their tax payments.
7. If you have defaulted or are not current on a loan from Newark CEDC or any of its predecessors, you do not qualify.

8. Please provide your name, home address along with the business name, phone, website and address.
9. Entrepreneurial History: We require a brief description of the owner’s entrepreneurial history. Please describe at least three of your top entrepreneurship undertakings. Also, describe your management experience in your industry, including where you got your experience, the name of the businesses, how long you worked there and your responsibilities.
10.Business Summary: Please describe your business, including what services or goods you provide to your customers. Tell us how long you have been in business, who your customers are and what benefit you provide to your
11.Business financials: please provide us with the last two years (or less if you've been open less than two years) of your business revenues and expenses.
12.Please request which prize you require: $2500 or $5000. We reserve the right to change the amount that will be awarded to you.
13.Benefits of your business for Newark: please provide us with insight as to how the grant will be a benefit to Newark and you. This includes but is not limited to hiring new employees, ability to increase production to provide more goods and
services to Newark workers or residents, or helping revitalize an abandoned area.
14.We require that the entrepreneur provide a detailed list of how they will spend the funds.


Apply Now!