About The Partnership West BID

Founded in December 2016 by visionary local government leaders, community not-for-profit institutions, and businesses owners, Partnership West (PW) is a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit that improves the quality of life in the West Ward, a “small town” within a big city.

As a steward of the neighborhood, PW makes sure curbs and sidewalks are clean and safe, public spaces are lushly planted, and current and new businesses are marketed for their quality and uniqueness.  Partnership West also sponsors lively marketing events to put the West Ward in the spotlight where it belongs.

PW’s vision is to create a strong community connected to the world at the center of a growing and remarkable region; a hub of cultural diversity.  They are committed to transforming their community into a safe district where businesses and residents thrive through responsible stewardship to realize its potential.

Partnership West Business Improvement District
P. 973-900-3145